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Has existed since 2012, together with our experience in the Middle East, different companies whose main business areas consisting of consultation and investment management, land usage, property investment and management, the purchases and sales of machinery, and exportation & importation.

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Our aim is to provide the best investment opportunities to our clients in different sectors.

Therefore, we support our clients in the preparation of business, providing them with plans and strategic advices for their organization, starting from the moment they want to carry out a market analysis to enter a new business area or a new geographical territory. After this market analysis, we draw up a business plan for their companies to carry out the activity with full confidence and maximum guarantee of success.

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We are based in a strategic location, offering many investment opportunities. This represents an excellent opportunity for potential investors who are seeking a solid and stable base that will guarantees successful results.

Hispasur collaborates successfully with important European companies such as Hertz, Helle Hollis, Record Go, iParking… Clients who have been offered the necessary infrastructure for the success of their business projects and in accordance with the highest European quality standards.


The key to success of Hispasur is its capacity for continuous development. ”

We have a team made up of professionals specialized in each area. We have technical, financial, marketing, tanslation commercial and legal advisory departments.

Our ongoing efforts and our perseverance to satisfy our customers always reflected positively on our reputation in the global market.

Our mission is to connect the clients with the most suitable investments and to be part of his success and future.


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A company dedicated, since 2010, to the investment, exploitation and sale of real estate and industrial assets in the Costa del Sol. With a total of 71.993 m2 and a second phase under construction.

Currently, our land and services are contracted by companies such as: Hertz, Helle Holllis, Record Go, iParking …

In addition to continuous maintenance and 24-hour security, our facilities have been conditioned to the needs of our customers, installing a car wash, a gas station and two garages with mechanics on a plot.

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A company dedicated to the sale and purchase of industrial machinery and batches from different sectors; Metal, Furniture, Stock, Construction, Wood, Office …

We have a personalized service for the purchase and sale of new and second-hand industrial machinery. Also offering a complete solution for those companies that want to sell or buy industrial machinery.

We work with key companies in the market such as CAT and FG WILSON

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A company dedicated to business collaboration and advisory services for  geographical expansion of Spanish companies in the Middle East.

Formed by a team of professionals specialized in different areas, as well as multilingual translators, at the client’s disposal to manage the entire process.

Hispasur international accompanies companies in each phase so that they can grow and expand in the Middle East.


If you want to know more about Hispasur Global, contact us through mail or telephone.

Tel: 952 96 06 44
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